The OWL is a Wide Area Surveillance Sensor (WASS) with 3 step zoom which allows the user to define their field of regard.  With automatic targeting, it has the ability for acquisition of multiple targets within the 360° field of view.  It also allows for zoom in capability of an area of interest while maintaining 360° awareness.

OWL Specs

Parameters OWL
Vertical FOV 1.8°, 6.1°, 18.7°
Horizontal FOV 360°
IFOV 54 urad
Scanning Speed 360°/58 sc (0.017 rps)
Detector Type MWIR, 640 x 480, 15u
Ground Space Distance 0.325 meter per pixel @ 6.5 km
Number of Samples per Revolution 153,600 (H) x 480 (V) (2° mode), 73 Mpixels
Features Selectable Scanning Area from 8° to 2°, Automatic Target Recognition, Latitude & Longitude Coordinate Mapping of Target, Full Resolution Zoom of Individual Frames
Communication RS232, GIGE
Dimensions (D x W x H) 21.23" x 21.23" x 26.25"
Weight Turret Weight 52 lbs, Leveler and Adapter Weight 42 lbs
Environmental -5 to 50°C
Power Supply 12V