High performance stabilizing gimbal allowing for extended standoff range reconnaissance in a light weight, low power, and low cost package.  The i2-XL is i2Tech's latest high performance stabilizing gimbal with superior extended standoff range.  Its small light weight package enables it to be installed into numerous air and land based platforms.  

i2-XL Specs

Parameters i2-XL
EO Day Sensor 720p CMOS Camera
HD: 53.4° to 4.6° Continuous
EO Narrow Sensor 1080p Color CCD Camera
HD: 4° to 2.1° Continuous & 1.0° Digital
Night Sensor 720p MWIR FLIR
HD: WFOV 25°, MFOV 5.73°, NFOV 1.43°, Digital 0.58°
Laser Range Finder Yes
Laser Spotter Yes (Optional Designator)
Turret Dimensions 11.5" Diameter x 16.5" Height
System Weight 39.5 lbs
Input Power 12 Volts, <40 Watts Steady State (<65 Watts with Designator option)
Video & Comms 1080p HD-SDI - NTSC RS-170 - RS232
(Optional Ethernet)
Field of Regard 220° Elevation, 360° Continuous Azimuth
Gyro Stabilization 4-Axis
Embedded Tracker Centroid & Correlation
Image Processing Embedded INS, Geo-pointing, Image Fusion
Local Area Contrast Enhancement